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Suz Chadwick
May 18th
7:45 pm AEST

If building a profitable business was about doing more work or ticking off more tasks, you’d be counting your millions by now

Late nights, GIANT to-do lists, shiny objects (most of which turn out to be crap), and hours lost to comparing yourself and your progress to the big names in your industry. 

At best, it feels like a rite of passage…

At worst, it feels like a rut you might be stuck in forever. 

Let’s make sure that’s not your story. 

Hi! I’m Suz Chadwick

I’ve spent the last 5 years coaching women to build bigger, better, more sustainable businesses, and the 15 years before that mentoring women to own their worth and ask for what they want. 

So many of the women I work with have a deep desire to become the breadwinner in their family — 

To have the funds to hire help so they can start being intentional with their time, step into their business in a bigger way, and become the go-to name in their space. 

If you’re nodding along, great! 

This free workshop is designed to put you and your business on that path.

This is NOT one of those airy-fairy “here are some general ideas” type workshops, FYI. It’s a workshop where I step you through proven, practical strategies you can put in place right away.

Strategies that will leave you with:  

✔ Clarity on the five key things that have the biggest impact on your success (plus permission to step away from the rest)

✔ The one thing you need to understand and manage like a boss

✔ The ability to attract more of the right clients (aka the ones who’ll pay good money for the work you really want to do) 

✔ Positioning know-how to help your brand stand out from the pack 

✔ Practices that will give you the space you need to thrive (yep, you’re allowed to take stuff off your plate)

✔ A powerful tool to help you shift the thought patterns that are holding you back  

So, you in?


Can’t attend live? No problem! I’ll be sending the replay out to everyone who registers. 

Wondering if this will be worth your time? Hey, I get it — not all workshops are created equal. Here’s what people are saying about some I’ve run previously…

“Suz, just wanted to drop you a little note to say thanks and let you know that the sessions you ran on presentations and pitching are really starting to pay off. 

I've had the opportunity to do a few recently and I have had a huge shift and my pitch is so much clearer and I sound much more confident and loving the power of telling a story and giving examples, its really resonating! So huge thank you x”

Paula Tucker – Spark CFO

“Suzanne’s session not only allowed me to form practical lists and connections between all of my thoughts, but to delve deeper into the why of my new brand. 

Suzanne recognised that I needed to align my brand to what I believe, and used exercises that allowed me to define what I want my brand to show, and to filter out what I don’t want it to stand for.”

Rosanna Wilson – Founder, CreativeSwag

“Thank you so much for your amazing training. In spite of the fact that I am running successfully my business RST Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers for the last 14 years, it is always good to update the new knowledge, technology and new management skills. 

You are such an amazing and positive person. Your training is practical and I can apply it in my business straight away. I will recommend your training to any business owners.”

Sineth Sareth Sar | Director, RST Consulting

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About Suz Chadwick

Suz Chadwick is a Bold Business, Branding & Speaker coach taking your brand from basic biscuits to amazing 'got to have' goodness.

As the founder of The Connection Exchange, author of Play Big, Brand Bold and host of the popular podcast Brand Builder's Lab, Suz has partnered with both small and large businesses to find the wow factor in what they do to help them stand out in their industry.

May 18th
7:45 pm AEST
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